Why is Omega-3 DHA Important?

·         Omega-3 DHA is unable to be synthesised adequately by our bodies therefore we need to obtain quantities of Omega-3 DHA from our general food consumption. Conversion of ALA to DHA is very inefficient in the human body. 

·         Without the consumption of foods rich in Omega-3 DHA, the level of DHA in our bodies depletes. 

·         Medical and scientific research has conclusively identified links between a range of well-known health conditions and Omega-3 DHA consumption. 

·         In fact, the increasing prevalence of many medical and behavioural conditions in the western world appear to be inversely linked to the declining dietary consumption of Omega-3 DHA rich foods.


What is Omega-3 DHA?


The Benefits of Omega-3 DHA.









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