Gelphorm Emulsion

Gelphorm® double-emulsion technology is designed for DHA fortification of full-fat UHT beverages including milk products, shakes and plant-based drinks. The unique formulation delivers superior sensory results and ensures product stability, as it withstands typical dairy industry homogenisation pressures and temperatures.

Gelphorm® has been validated to have a 12-month ambient shelf life in UHT milk. It has an excellent sensory profile, and beverages can also be enhanced with flavours or added fibre.

  • Double-encapsulated emulsion technology.
  • Can withstand industry homogenisation pressures.
  • 18-month shelf life at ambient storage (10-25°C).
  • Vegan algal DHA oil.
  • Fortified to 60mg DHA / serve (250 ml).
  • 12-month ambient shelf life in UHT milk.
  • Ingredients non-GMO by origin.
  • Key accreditations for worldwide applications (FSSC22000).
  • Halal and Kosher certified.
  • Formulated for full-fat products.