The Nu-Mega Story

Nu-Mega Ingredients Pty Ltd is one of the world’s leading suppliers of microencapsulated omega-3 and omega-6 powders, emulsions and nutritional oils. The company is a subsidiary of Clover Corporation, which listed on the Australian Securities Exchange in 1999 (CLV).

Clover’s origins date back nearly three decades, when a small family company had a vision of improving people’s health with omega-3 fatty acids. The business initially focused on omega-3 supplementation for use in infant formula and achieved a world-first introduction in 1996 of polyunsaturated fatty acids via soft gel capsule.

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Our Pioneering History



Introduce KaricareTM First Capsule (720X).

Begin global supply of microencapsulated DHA & ARA powders.



Begin supply of tuna oil to EU for infant formula.

Begin supply of DHA & ARA powders into SE Asia for infant formula.



Microencapsulated powder manufacturing agreement with Murray Goulburn Cooperative.

Begin supply of MRP technology 50% oil-loaded microencapsulated DHA & ARA powders.



Begin supply of Gen II dual active (1:1 ARA:DHA) LCP powder.

Hypoallergenic powder technology patent filed (Granted in Aust, NZ and EU).



Gelphorm emulsion technology filed (Granted in Aust, Indonesia and Chile with other countries pending).

Melody Dairies NZ commenced microencapsulated powder manufacturing.



Brisbane R&D pilot wet-processing and spray-drying plant commissioned.

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To optimise the health and development of adults, infants and children.


By engaging with customers to understand their business objectives, Nu-Mega Ingredients enables them to manufacture nutritionally functional products to improve and enhance the wellbeing and dietary needs of their customers.



We respect all by exercising tolerance and understanding consistently.


We listen to, understand and collaborate to provide aligned, prompt outcomes.


Our responsibility is to ensure we

  • Recognise the value of our employees and customers.
  • Deliver safe, quality products.
  • Conduct our business in an ethical and accountable manner.


Our nutritional oils are the bedrock of our business. We purchase only the highest quality marine, algal and fungal oils, and all are sustainably sourced through fully traceable supply chains.

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