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Nu-Mega Ingredients’ strategic focus is to deliver science-based bio-actives which provide health benefits to adults, infants and children. Our deep involvement with omega-3 clinical research and ingredient innovation has made Nu-Mega Ingredients a leading global supplier of microencapsulated omega-3 and omega-6 solutions.

Nu-Mega’s product portfolio is designed to meet the established and highly regulated needs of the infant nutrition market, and the fast-evolving challenges in the sports nutrition, supplements and plant based segments.

Through its global network, Nu-Mega delivers the highest level of service and technical support to our customers.

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Nu-Mega products

Nu-Mega Ingredients’ portfolio of science-based bioactives is built on our commitment to research and ingredient innovation. We’re a leading global supplier of best-in-class microencapsulated DHA/EPA/ARA powders, emulsions and oils.

Our proprietary microencapsulation technology produces best-in-class application performance and the highest oil-loaded DHA powders on the market, with excellent sensory outcomes.

Gelphorm® double-emulsion technology is designed for DHA fortification of full-fat UHT beverages including milk products, shakes and plant-based drinks.

Nu-Mega’s oils are naturally refined from high-quality sustainable sources, ensuring maximum purity.


Our nutritional oils are the bedrock of our business. We purchase only the highest quality marine, algal and fungal oils, and all are sustainably sourced through fully traceable supply chains.

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Need advice on new product development or technical issues? Our highly experienced R&D team is here to assist with the application of Nu-Mega’s Driphorm powders at benchtop, pilot or commercial scale.