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Nu-Mega Ingredients’ portfolio of science-based bioactives is built on our commitment to research and ingredient innovation. We’re a leading global supplier of best-in-class microencapsulated DHA/EPA/ARA powders, emulsions and oils.

Nu-Mega oils are refined by natural, solvent-free processes from sustainable marine, algal and fungal sources. They deliver the highest quality and purity and have an excellent sensory profile, providing a superior consumer experience.

Nu-Mega’s unique and innovative high oil-loaded microencapsulated powders enable our customers to fortify their products at very high levels, delivering a rich source of essential omega-3 to support scientifically substantiated health benefits throughout every stage of life.

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Nu-Mega Microencapsulation

Nu-Mega Ingredients has been the leading brand of microencapsulated DHA, EPA and ARA oils for more than two decades.

Our proprietary microencapsulation technology protects these sensitive oils from oxidation, ensuring optimal standards of purity, stability and performance in our Driphorm® powders. Nu-Mega’s microencapsulation technology can achieve very high oil loadings of up to 60%, enabling much higher fortification rates while maintaining excellent sensory outcomes.

Our proprietary microencapsulation technology produces best-in-class application performance and the highest oil-loaded DHA powders on the market, with excellent sensory outcomes.

Made from marine, algal and fungal oils, our powders include DHA, DHA+EPA and ARA, with dairy-free and plant-based options.

Gelphorm® double-emulsion technology is designed for DHA fortification of full-fat UHT beverages including milk products, shakes and plant-based drinks. The unique formulation delivers superior sensory results and ensures product stability, as it withstands typical dairy industry homogenisation pressures and temperatures.

Nu-Mega’s oils are naturally refined from high-quality sustainable sources, ensuring maximum purity. Our refining plants have been developed to serve critical markets such as infant formula and nutraceuticals which have very high regulatory standards.

Premneo, a ground-breaking product introduced by our parent company, Clover Corporation Limited, is a new high DHA emulsion that can improve the IQ of pre-term babies.

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